Vitesse team bus
3D modeling and visualization of the interior for Dutch professional soccer team Vitesse's new team bus.

Jewelry rendering
3D modeling and rendering of several jewelry pieces for Australia-based jeweler Robert Young. Here is a video.

Holland Car
Cutout rendering of a bus trailer for Holland Car. It is operational in East Africa and can transport up to 250 passengers.

Fire truck design
Hand sketched rendition for Dutch firetruck producer Gemco.

Projection mapping
Graphics produced for projecting onto a live scale supercar model. Click here for a video.

Renault 4 Ever
Design concept for a new Renault 4 to celebrate its 50th anniversary. This plug-in hybrid includes a solar roof and 3D printed personalizable front grill.

One of several realistic visualizations created for APTS, who are bringing the Phileas concept to several cities around the world.

Amphibious safari jeep
Design and visualization of an amphibious safari jeep based on a Toyota Landcruiser, for Korea's largest theme park Everland.

Amphibious bus
Design proposal and visualization of a new model amphibious bus for DAT Rotterdam.

Automotive rendering
To showcase Designsoul's ability to create professional surface models and renderings, an Audi R8 was modelled from scratch.